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Hey there, I’m Keelan, a 3D artists and developer who loves being creative.

I also can’t ride a skate board, so I’m probably about to fall off.


That's me in the photo.

I’m KeelanJon, Artist and Content Creator based in South Wales, UK. I teach 3D art and illustration to over 100,000 amazing followers. Keep scrolling to learn more.


3D Art & illustration

Commission a custom 3D illustration, or head on over to my Youtube channel where I provide free educational content to learn 3D design. For more in-depth content, sign up for my newsletter to be notified about my new courses.



Website Development

I build websites using the latest technologies to ensure your website is fast, robust, provides a great user experience, and ensures great SEO for your business growth. Get in touch to hire me for your next development project.

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Drop me a line.

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